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Xtra Pietitie 2,1 million likes in three days.


Where do you need Social media like; Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or Pinterest for? Why does your business have to join Facebook? Or do you prefer Linkedin? And what do you get from it? Recognizable questions of businesses and organizations which want to start with Social Media Marketing. Nowadays, only  having a Twitter and Facebook page is not considered as satisfactory anymore. The various social media platforms are the ideal meeting place to bring your brand alive and for creating online followers and ambassadors.

Xtra is a social media agency which helps his clients with making brands, products or services more successful by using social media. Social sharing is an art in itself. More and more companies are outsourcing social media. When you want to manage social platforms effectively, a social media manager is needed. Xtra has become a social media expert. In a few days, ‘Pietitie’ retrieved 2.1 million likes.

Xtra created social platforms for MotoPort, Honda Nederland and Shapecare. In this way, followers could be registered as fans. Because fans shared the ‘messages,’ more and more followers and ambassadors were gathered.


Xtra realizes your social media campaign and manages the content for a fixed amount per month. An unique service where several designs will be developed and implemented for you. This service can be applied to social media as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, etc. Xtra knows how to create involvement and content with tools and apss which are needed to be successful as a brand. Managing social media platforms is a full-time job. Online customers do have certain expectations concerning your business, brand, product or service with regard to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, Pintererst, etc.

Creating a social media strategy is part of the job. Important questions to be answered here are: What tone of voice will we use to start the campaign? Which social media platforms are we going to use? Which goals need to be achieved and how are we going to determine the ROI (Return on Investment)? We will also look at the competition. What is the competitor doing? Which image do you want to achieve? How do you want to achieve loyalty? 


Only a few could create a critical mass without help.  Therefore Xtra develops a CRM, newsletters, links to a website and signatures below e-mail addresses. Xtra often uses small media campaigns on Facebook or LinkedIn to create a community.

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