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An organized brochure on what social media can do for your business, product or service. With social media experts with cases and examples, the Pietitie with 2.1 million likes and Honda with 805K likes!

1. Xtra helps marketers to reach customers in a new way;
2. The more customers do love you, the stronger your brand and success;
3. How to be successful in social media;
4. About; social media start up, social media outsourcing and apps;
5. Social media campaigns for more likes and interactions.

For a fixed monthly fee, Xtra realizes your social media campaign and manages your Facebook, Google+ and Twitter page. Request the brochure for more information!


Sometimes it can be difficult to rank for a keyword at Google page 1. Do you want to increase your online image and brand awareness? Or do you want to directly generate sales with the use of Google AdWords or online banners?

For more online success, request the free brochure now!

1. More visitors on your website and/or webshop;
2. Better findability;
3. Higher conversion rates, leads and sales;
4. Imagebuilding, innovation and experience for your business, product or service?


Websites that are at the top of the search engine do have the highest scores. Over 90% of the people who are searching are restricted to the websites at pages 1 or 2 and 90% don’t even look further than the first page of the search engine.

1. Tips on search engine optimization (latest Google update);
2. How SEO and social media go together for a better ranking;
3. SEO check and recommendations for your website;
4. Xtra SEO optimization package;
5. SEO linkbuilding services and SEO copywriting;
6. SEO training for online marketers.

The course is composed by Xtra and is based on the knowledge and experience of 100 top SEO veterans all over the world, which Xtra is part of. Recently, 100 websites were developed, whereby all techniques of the 100 SEO veterans are applied to realize a position at Google page 1.

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